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Midyear slump?

Have you hit the midyear slump?
Given the recent lockdown restrictions throughout Greater Sydney over the last 6 weeks I just want to reach out and remind everyone we will return once restrictions have eased.

In the meantime, please be kind to one another.  Everyone has a different opinion and rightly so.  We do encourage you to leave the politics to the politicians and respect each and everyone’s privacy. We are all experiencing different struggles.  Some have been
impacted either by health or financially and this takes a lot of mental strength to keep
resilient.  During these times please be considerate and supportive of one another as there is enough division amongst the people caused by external factors.

My wish for you all is to get EXCITED again!

I quite often get asked – How do I remain positive during this Pause Period?
Here are my tips not necessarily in this order.

3 years with no TV …best decision I have ever made
Turn off all negative social media (have a social media detox once a week)
Read books
Look ahead and Plan for when we get out of lockdown
Stay in touch with family and friends
Look for the good and look at the glass half full
Exercise daily even if it’s just a walk in the sunshine
Be grateful for the time we have been given to do those things we keep putting off
Set new goals

Try something new

My thoughts
We can all agree that we all miss our dance family and friends as well as the dancing.
This last 18 months have been quite the challenge especially for those in the south west and western areas of Sydney this time round.  Lockdown isn’t fun but we need to stay
focused and be resilient.  This too will pass and it won’t be long before we can all laugh
together again.

I want to keep you all motivated and inspired that there will be brighter days ahead and things may get worse before they get better but it’s just a bump in the road.

Now, Let’s do this short and sweet update.

­­30th Birthday Event
Our 30th Birthday Xmas in July has been postponed and now will move to our end of year Christmas Party.
We cannot give you a date as yet or venue until restrictions ease for dancing.  We still have Lemon Squeezin Daddies performing for this event.
Anyone wishing not to hold on to their ticket please email me for a refund.

Classes may look different when we get back as I would expect the 4sqm rule to come into effect first before returning to 2the sqm rule.  I would envisage private lessons coming into effect first.
Realistically my expectations for a start this year will be highly unlikely.

It’s our Birthday
5th August marks our 30th Birthday and what a ride it’s been.  We have had so many
wonderful memories and achievements.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you have supported us throughout those years and especially through these last 2
extraordinary years.

There has been no further updates for this event.  We will keep you posted.  In the
meantime there are no confirmation or ticket sales for any night events.
Chromefest has been cancelled.  It will now be run virtually.

Did you know?
Soaking your feet in apple cider vinegar for 30 minutes soothes sore feet and gets rid of odour.  It also heals dry skin, cracked heals and toenail fungus.  1 part apple cider vinegar to 4 parts water.

Words of Wisdom
Life is always changing. You lose love. You lose friends. You lose pieces of yourself. New love enters. Better friends come.  And a stronger, wiser you is staring back in the mirror.

See you soon
Be Kind
Anna & Justin

Winter Update

What are you looking forward to this Winter!
For me, it will be the countdown to Spring LOL!!
Seriously though I’m looking forward to more dancing, socials, and events.
I am excited to see the return of Festivals.It has been a slow start to 2021 and we are quietly and confidently rebuilding.
Winter is approaching and we are introducing short courses to encourage new students to join our studio and our monthly socials.

Studio Socials
It was a super Saturday Social last Saturday night and we look forward to end of month next dance. Save the Date
Gosford 26 June 7pm  Door fee

30thBirthday Event
Our 30thBirthday will be held at 31 July at Central Coast Leagues Club with Lemon Squeezin Daddies.  Reminder at this event we will be promoting awareness for Coast
Shelter.  There will be raffles to help raise funds.  Cash donations must be placed in an envelope with your name and address so they may receipt you.

Dance Tournament- Shake Rattle & Rumble 
We are in the process of looking for a venue for our next dance competition which will be run under a “tournament” guideline.  I would like to thank those of you who have come forward with Sponsorship for this event to help us get this off the ground and cover all
expenses.  Sponsorship is still open.

The date is still to be confirmed  and we are looking for first week in September.

Chromefest Friday 22 Oct
There are 2 events I will be involved in this year at Chromefest.  The first event I can confirm is the Friday Sockhop at Chromefest.

The first event will be held Friday 22 October.
The second event is Saturday 23 October.
Further details for both these events will be revealed end of July.

At this point in time I am not authorized to give any more information.
Please note there are big changes coming to Chromefest this year in keeping with Covid restriction regulations. I will reveal more when permitted.Tickets are not on sale yet.  I will be taking names though as there are number restrictions.

New Courses
New beginner courses starting at all venues the week beginning Monday 14 June.
New beginner courses starting the week Monday 2 August

Peoples Choice
-Woodcroft Venue
Swing is back in the 8pm time slot this Thursday 3 June

It has been a while since we have had a one off Triples class.  Please send us your feedback if you would like to see it implemented this month.

-Gosford Venue June and July format
RocknRoll Beginners & Intermediate 7pm
Intermediate Class at 8pm as follows below
June – Swing and Bal Swing (5 week)
July – Slow Foxtrot & Waltz (First 2 weeks)
There will be no classes 21 & 28 July at Gosford and we will return Wednesday 4 August.

We believe in word of mouth and we do appreciate you spreading the word. No one is
going to promote our business better than you….our students. The algorithms with Facebook is working against us at the moment and they are changing all the time.

Save the Date
Great to see Festivals revived this year.
Cooly Rocks Coolongatta On 9-13 June
RetroFest Port Macquarie 27-29 August
Crank it Up Festival Batemans Bay 10-12 September
Chromefest The Entrance 22-24 October

Social Media
Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Youtube.
I personally don’t do Facebook but I do keep the business and group page up to date with the help of the staff.

Courtesy Call
In recent weeks we have had a large number absent from classes.  We do ask if you could please message us a few hours prior so we may re-arrange staff and classes.  The
messenger groups have been working great.  For those not on messenger you may simply send a text.  We thank you for your understanding.

When you realise that you don’t actually create abundance.
Abundance is always present, you just create limitations.

Happy Feet Happy People Happy Dancing!
See you on the dance Floor
Anna & Justin


Mad for March

Welcome Back!

Life is a dance! Taking one step at a time at our own pace in our own rhythm.
Celebrating our 30th Year!

Glad to be back in 2021 and welcome to all our new Beginner students. This month sees us back at all venues.

There have been some changes to the admin but the dancing is all the same as is our team.

We are also excited to announce we are 30 Years Young this year. We have definitely seen some changes in the last 3 decades none so much like 2020.
One thing for sure is we have changed for the better just like a fine wine.

Student Spotlight
In celebration of our 30thBirthday we have introduced a student spotlight segment this year.You may have noticed our few videos posted on Facebook in the last 3 weeks.Next week I hit Sydney.It’s been a lot of fun getting to know our dance family.
Stay tuned for our Staff Spotlight which will be coming up soon.

Where to Dance?  Our Locations
Concord, Emu Plains, Camden, Woodcroft, Katoomba and Gosford

How much does it cost?
Casual fees
$16 Woodcroft & Gosford
$15 Emu Plains, Concord, Camden & Katoomba

Lesson Pass
4 Lessons $60
Private Lessons start from $80 varies according to duration and venue hire (per couple or per person)
Payments may be made
Online, bank deposit or cash
Please note online and credit cards incur a $1 processing fee

New Courses
We are welcoming beginners back in 2021.
Blue Suede Shoes Dance School has a registered Covid Plan with NSW Health and QR code check in is available at entry.For those without a smart phone we have a register concierge available.

Please note we have a shortage of Leads in our RocknRoll Beginners class at our Woodcroft Venue.Please spread the word to help this venue grow.We are on a 3 month trial at this location.It has been a challenge to get this venue to its former glory.Woodcroft was our largest attending venue and our longest standing venue (20years) before it burnt down in January 2015. We were the first dance studio to hire the hall twice a week back in 1995.I thank you in advance for your support.

Restrictions Easing
With Restrictions relaxed we still need to be in keeping with our Covid Plan.Therefore the 1.5sqm rule still applies at entry and exits of venues.Please note some venues, for example, Gosford and Woodcroft have surveillance cameras and extra attention is recommended when outside the building perimeter.

*Hand Hygiene is provided.
*Masks are optional.

*2sqm rule applies in all our venues and chairs will be placed accordingly. 

April Dates
Dayslight Savings Ends Easter Sunday 4 April
Easter Weekend dates Good Friday 2 April
No Woodcroft on Thursday 4th and 15 April
Seniors Week 13-24 April
Anzac Day Sunday 25 April

Please note Thursday 1st April and 15thApril there will be no classes.There has been a previous booking prior to our coming back to classes in 2021.

Please be reminded if you are unwell stay home and as a courtesy can you please text or email us. Please check in at entry using QR Code provided.

Best for Last..Do you want to know a secret?

The much anticipated event!!

Welcoming you back to the dance floor with theAston Martinis.
Please note this event is offered to Blue Suede Shoes Students.

Fri 9 April  7.30pm Emu Plains
Tickets $35 VIP Pass Members $30

Limited tickets Bookings essential
Restricted numbers

What would you ask for if you knew the answer was Yes?

From the team at Blue Suede Shoes

Thank you for your support
Let’s keep dancing

Finding the Joy of Christmas

There’s nothing quite like Christmas!

Moving on from the year that was Christmas is looking a lot brighter for us in the southern hemisphere.

Let’s be thankful during this year’s celebrations and really think of what we have learnt to live with and without.

Our memories are short.  Some of us will go back to normal and forget what hardships our community suffered. The one commodity we all crave is time and 2020 gave us time. I
appreciated that time in a strange way. It was a forced time to pause and appreciate the small things that really matter.  Perspective really came into the foreground.  We were given a chance to reset and think outside the box.

For me personally it was all about connection.  When the going got tough I think above all we all searched to connect with our family and friends.  I don’t believe humans were meant to live in a virtual world and that’s what has been the most challenging factor during this period for me.

I tell myself that every challenge is an adventure and the struggle brings out our best
character.  With all the uncertainty 2020 has brought us –Ask the question what did you learn about yourself?

We know the best times are just around the corner and remember to focus on what we have and not what we want. Beauty is everywhere you just have to know where to look.

My Christmas Tip
– turn off social media and TV for one day a week and go play the old fashion way. Pick up the phone and surprise those far away, meet up face-to-face with family and friends nearby and share some Joy and Christmas Cheer. Get in the kitchen and bake something special to give.   You just don’t know who may need it.

My Christmas Wish
to you and yours this year is to be creative, childlike and connect with your loved ones.

Central Coast Socials return
PLEASE NOTE since posting this update restrictions have once again changed. On the 20 December Dance Floors have been banned. The Social on Wednesday 30th December has now been CANCELLED
.  We will review 16 January in the New Year.

I would like to propose an early NYE social on Wednesday 30 December at Gosford and the return of our Shakin’ Saturdays on the Central Coast on Sat 16 January 2021.  Please RSVP your interest by return email.

What I’m hearing?

Easing of Restrictions
From 10 December Dance Floors are back!! 

What does this mean?  We are now permitted to run Dance Socials with a maximum of 50 on the floor in keeping with covid rules.

What’s New 2021?
Is anyone interested in a Valentines Dance on Sat 13 February?, if so please email me your interest so I can start the ball rolling.  Please note this event with be firstly available to Blue Suede Shoes Members.  VIP Members have first preference followed by students followed by non Blue Suede Shoes Students.  Thank you for understanding. The venue is yet to be confirmed we are looking for Sydney venue.

What I’m reading?
I have begun reading a series of Frances Mayes books of Tuscany
Bella Tuscany, Meet me in the Piazza and Under the Tuscan Sun

What I recommend
Remember that Christmas time isn’t about keeping up with the Jones and the Smiths. It’s about spending quality time with loved ones and reflection.  When gifting this year make something personal.  Make Memories!

Patreon– We are slowly preparing our videos for our new Patreon Platform and would like to thank those of your who expressed an interest to support us.  Details coming soon.

Finishing Dates
We only just got started and it’s time to wind down.  Below are are closing dates
Central Coast closed Wednesday 2 December
Emu Plains & Camden Monday 14 December
Katoomba Tuesday 15 December
Concord Wednesday 16 December

Resume Dates
Concord 13 January/20 January
Emu Plains & Camden 18 January
Gosford Wednesday 27 January

When you operate in your gift,
you don’t have to be at the head of the table;
for wherever you sit or stand,
the table and room will shift.
Jennifer Marie

Have a wonderful Christmas time and I hope 2021 will be the year of change for the better!
We look forward to seeing you all in 2021!
Anna & Justin

Spring is Calling

Spring is near,
Spring is here!
Are you as excited as me for the warmer months that are coming?

Welcome to our Spring is Calling News Update

Hello Everyone,
I’ve been offline during August having a Facebook detox but I can still be found posting on Instagram.  Instagram link here

It has definitely been a challenge when it comes to connecting with our dance friends but I feel we have all become stronger and more resilient and learnt new ways and paths to connect.  Always look for the positive in every situation. I do hope everyone is fine and if there’s one thing I’ve learnt that the basic principles haven’t changed.  It is more important now than ever to look after number 1.

My Tips
Health – Eat when you’re hungry include protein and have lots of veges –this will help you physically and mentally. Don’t eat if you’re bored get up and walk instead

Fitness -looking after your body you’ve only get one vessel, start with small steps with just walking and stretching

Family -keeping in touch and sharing the love, nothing like family time to give you a boost

Friends -what would we do without them! Give that someone a call, email, send them a letter the old fashion way

It’s been a great time to pick up a new skill, catch up on reading, start a new online course, renovating, gardening, cooking and NOW is a perfect time to SPRING clean.  I’m becoming a domesticated queen who would have thought lol!!!
Don’t just stop at the house – Spring clean the garden, the wardrobe, the body and the mind. You will be surprised how good it feels.

What’s New?
We have a NEW logo branding with several designs to choose from!
Earlier in July there was a Facebook post regarding new merchandise with the new logo.
Please send through your sizing and colour preference.  Black or White Tees or Polos.

Now let’s get down to business
So when are we starting back?
The million dollar question that everyone has been asking.
At this point in time we are hopeful that classes may start back at 2 maybe 3 venues after the School holiday break in October.
We are awaiting confirmation for Gosford 50+ Leisure Learning Ctr and Woodcroft in Sydney’s outer west and perhaps Emu Plains.

Expressions of interest
Firstly, we are now taking an expression of interest for those who would like to start back.  Simply reply to this email. We are looking to run a 6 week class before Christmas. Provided confirmation of anyone of the venues is a go and should you be successful to make the first 20, a further email will be forwarded with more details of class structure.
Please email to RSVP your spot

Classes will run under a different format in keeping with the COVID-19 guidelines.
1.Please note there will be no rotation in classes.
2.You must come with a partner and stay with that partner through the duration of the class.
3.There is a limit of 20 (10 couples) and
4.Registration is a MUST
5.There will be a full class fee payable for a “no show” on the night if you registered.
6. Only students who were enrolled with Blue Suede Shoes pre COVID-19 may apply.
7. Entry will be refused to anyone in a hot spot area or showing flu like symptoms

How will it work?
Please note we do have all the precautionary COVID-19 regulations in place and masks are optional.  We have an auto hand sanitizer station, infra red thermometer, antibacterial wipes and spray, even gloves all ready on hand.
We do have one STRICT RULE if you are not well please do not attend as you may find yourself being sent home upon arriving.
The safety or our staff and students is first and foremost.

We will continue to accept cash and bank deposits for all fees.
Once we reach our maximum 20 you will be sent a notification either by text or email and we ask you please reply to confirm your place.

The classes will start back with 2 Levels.
Level 1 recap on Term 1 suited for beginners/intermediate 1
Level 2 medium pace suited for intermediate/advanced
Our objective is to have you back on the floor moving and gaining confidence once again.

Expression of Interest Central Coast -Private Group Lessons
We are negotiating a time with East Gosford Hall and at this stage we may have Thursday nights available for small private lesson groups.  In the meantime if you have a partner and would like to book a private lesson or be part of the group private please email me to see what may be available.  Please note this is just for the interim period should Gosford 50+ Leisure Learning Centre not go back in October.

If you are missing you’re dancing don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube Channel and watch some of class recaps. Link here

Christmas Party
There has been no decision made regarding the Christmas Party. We will wait until November to update you all.  An outdoor picnic has been decided to replace the annual Christmas Party.  We will have more details in November.


Twinkle toes is off to check what’s burning on the stove only kidding wink wink

See you on the dance floor real soon
Love Anna, Justin & the Team

I’ll be back

In the famous words of Arnie “I’ll be back”.
It won’t be long that we will be back dancing and together on the dance floor again.This edition is somewhat different and more  personal than our usual update.  I hope you have the time to sit back and relax while you read on.

Let’s get Started
Where did the last 6 months go?  I am pleased to say we have hit the mid year mark and it’s countdown to Christmas. Did I say Christmas?   Yep!  21 weeks till our Christmas Party and 24 weeks till Christmas season.  I’m not one for short-term gratification.  I have the
patience to wait for the good things AND our Christmas Party is going ahead even if we have to have the event outdoors.

It has been 15 weeks since our last class at Woodcroft and I can report we are doing fine.  We have ridden a couple of waves like most of you have but I can honestly say I wasn’t
prepared for anything like we have seen in these last few months.  I found turning off
social media, the mainstream news and the radio was the best thing I did.  Social media for me is to connect with family and friends and for my dance studio. There is so much fear and hate in the world today and we can all become consumed and guilty of getting tangled within its web.  It does us no good and only spreads more negativity.  I would like to invite you all to look at the glass half full and think of all the good and awareness that you have come to see instead of the gloom.

What have I been doing?
So many have ask me what I’m doing now without my teaching and dancing.
My days don’t differ too much.  My fitness has increased I still walk 10,000 plus steps and dance every night in the lounge room with my better half but now I’ve included pushups, calesthenics, and deep squats to my repertoire.  Love a challenge!

I’ve begun baking biccy’s, arancinis, canoli and specialising in Sicilian recipes (my
heritage). I started learning keyboard too. (not my forte the poor neighbours  lol!)
Mr C has perfected his sourdough bread, sourdough pizza and some pastry dishes.

What are you doing differently now?  How has life changed for you?

Online Classes
This week we finished a 10 week online Swing, RocknRoll, Cha Cha and Rockabilly course and now stepping back for a break.  Thank you to everyone who part of the virtual group.  It was challenging to teach through a video screen but your encouragement each week made it fun.

Dance Benefits…What I’ve realised
Most of us don’t realise how much we miss something until it’s gone.
I realised what I missed most about dancing was not the teaching but the people.  The
social aspect, the bonding, the support, the familiarity and of course the fun and nonsense.  Dancing is playing with the music and your partner.
Dance has many benefits both mentally and physically.  Whilst we are able to keep up the physical I realised how belonging to a dance community effects us mentally especially when the social connection is taken away.  As humans we use our 5 senses and touch is not only one part of dancing but part of connecting.  There are many people without partners, families or spouses that come to our classes and form life long friendships. Dancing is
therapy and art. It’s an activity that improves our well-being and health on so many levels and in so many ways.
I encourage you to play your favourite song tonight and dance in your lounge room and
remember why you love to dance.

How will Classes look on the other side?
We are on track to start back at a couple of venues late August/September under Covid-19 Check List Guidelines from our venues set by NSW Health.
These Guidelines will be emailed next month. Restrictions are easing every couple of weeks and we will keep you updated before we resume with the latest rules.
Bookings will be essential for the first classes back and we will provide a set format when the time arrives.
At this point in time the 4sq metre rule applies and we are fortunate to have large dance floors at all our venues.  We are still working around the 1.5sq metre restriction and
hopefully this will relax by September.

I can confirm the following venues will be coming back
Emu Plains

NSW RocknRoll Association Inc
A group of Dance Professionals along with myself have been working for over 2 years to form the NSW RocknRoll Association Inc for the RocknRoll dance community.  We are an active association for the people and we are now inviting you to become a member and help support our niche community. The website was launched this week with a new facelift to the logo. Anyone can join.
Please take the time to visit and download the membership form.  Browse the site  here

It’s our Birthday 5thAugust

August is Blue Suede Shoes 29thBirthday.  We have come along way since our humble
beginners in Blacktown.  We hope to celebrate at our end of year Christmas Party.  Thank you to everyone who has crossed our dance floor over the years and brought us so much joy. We hope to continue to bring more fun in the very near future.

Christmas Party
Save the date Sat 28 November with The Aston Martinis.  More details to follow.

New Rookie
to Sharyn Smith our newly qualified member at Blue Suede Shoes and NSW RocknRoll Association Inc.  Sharyn has worked as a volunteer assistant for the last 2 years on the Central Coast and earlier this year at Woodcroft. Sharyn has attained her
Certificate I in RocknRoll and we look forward to seeing her on the dance floor soon.

Social Media
If you are internet savvy and can help us gain more exposure on social media simply by writing a review on Google or Facebook it would be appreciated.  Simply type Blue Suede Shoes Dance School into google search and on the right hand side you will see our
business pop up and simply click on “write a review”.
Social media works on algorithms and it is quite challenging to see our posts if you are not constantly liking and commenting.  I understand how it can become quite time consuming checking in all the posts and we do greatly appreciate your interaction.

Another way you can assist is subscribing to our YouTube Channel. If you have a YouTube account just login visit our channel link here and click on subscribe.  If not take a few
minutes and sign up it’s free you just need and email and password. Once you are logged you will have access to our online recap class videos.


Stay Safe See you Soon
Anna, Justin & the BSS Team

Stay at Home 2020

First of all Happy Mothers Day for yesterday! 
I for one can say it was the best Mothers Day just to be able to spend time with family after a long spell of absence.

Hang in there guys we got this!
We are definitely living in unprecedented times and there are no words for how I feel at the moment.  I keep myself active by walking twice a day, exercising and yoga, nightly fun dance with Mr C, some meditation quiet time, a phone call here and there, a zoom time now and again, gardening and “trying” to learn the piano lol!
And yet I still have time to twiddle my thumbs ..yes I get bored.
I miss my people, I miss my happy place.

Let’s get started
Online Swing and RocknRoll Classes started in April with lots of enthusiasm and since May the feedback has fizzled somewhat.  This month in May our Swing Stay at Home Classes are Frankie Manning inspired. I have also posted a 5 part Shim Sham series for you to
follow and learn.
Some of our staff are full time teachers and have no second job or income at the moment  so I would like to thank those of you who have sent donations in kind for the online classes and your support in general. We are truly grateful we know everyone is doing it tough.

Please let me know if you wish to continue with the online classes and/or if you have any suggestions or feedback.  We have Cha Cha on the Agenda for June.

Let’s Start the conversation During this Stay at Home period
We have definitely fallen on hard times in fact the most challenging in the 29 years of the studio opening. Can you believe it’s been 8 weeks since our last class.  We miss you all –
the laughs, the jokes, the warmth and of course the dancing!

It has been extremely challenging and difficult for all of us in the arts industry.  Whether you are a dancer, singer, musician etc it has been trying times to stay motivated and
creative without connection and face to face contact.  There has also been a lot of anxiety as we move forward with the uncertainty of our industry due to the social distancing
restrictions yet when the Going gets Tough, The Tough get Going! 

Some Good News …Restrictions Lifting
The government has announced 3 stages of restrictions easing over the next 3 months commencing this Friday 15 May.  As exciting as that may be Blue Suede Shoes Dance School have made the decision to look to a Spring Start in September for all group classes. We will watch for restrictions for indoor gatherings before any class confirmation is made.   However, there maybe a possibility for  private lessons in the interim for couples and small groups permitting they cover the Government guidelines and we have permission to hire our venues again.

Why Spring Start?
1. Students safety foremost
2.At this stage our Council Halls and Clubs are closed
3.July and August are the coldest months and spank in the middle of winter
4. Enables us to start off small one venue at a time

What will the Classes look like?
In order to re-start classes we will be implementing all the Safe Work Cover requirements from the Government:
-Temperature control
-Wash hands before and after class

On the dance Floor :
1.No rotation in classes (we will not be changing partners)
2.Couples only (come with your own partner)
3.Only existing enrolments (students) prior to lockdown will be permitted
4.No new beginner enrolments until further notice
5. 1.5metre rule between each couple and minimum numbers in each venue under the 4square metre rule
6.Private lessons and private groups permitted

We will  recommend dancers bring along their own hand towels, tissues and hand sanitisers to assist us in low spread contamination.  For hygiene purposes we will also recommend you bring an extra shirt if you are one to perspire.
We are fortunate that we don’t use equipment and have very low risk in that area.

I can confirm Ettalong, Toukley and Mayfield will not go back this year.
Concord, Emu Plains, Woodcroft and Camden are under review with a possibility of
starting in September subject to Council and Club approval.

Christmas in July FIESTA and NSW State Titles have been CANCELLED BUT…….

End of Year Christmas Party The Aston Martinis Castle Hill RSL 28 Nov
At this time we are remaining positive for our End of Year Christmas Party.

Fingers crossed the minimum number for indoor gatherings will increase to allow the
function to go ahead according to the Government restrictions when November arrives.  Those who have kept their Roaring 20s Tickets in credit for the End of Year Christmas Party are definitely first in the door.  I foresee no further sales for this event due to the indoor
gathering numbers restriction and 4sq metre rule.

YouTube Channel
Looking for some recap classes? Visit our YouTube Channel here for past videos

You are not a drop in the ocean; you are the entire ocean in a drop

Counting the days to seeing you on the dance floor
Anna & Justin

March Magic

Firstly what a Fab February as we say So Long to Summer!
I would like to welcome all our new students who have begun with us this year.  I love the enthusiasm and vibe you bring to the floor each week.  Our theme nights were well received and we have had requests for more so keep your eyes peeled for the next one in your area.

Fiery Fundraiser Recap
Earlier this year we embarked on a Fundraiser to help our Firey’s and what a HUGE
success.  We are proud to announce we raised $6636.05 from an enthusiastic loyal giving crowd of 105 people.   More than half were from Sydney and I do applaud your support.  We had a wonderful team of volunteers who put their hands up to help and of course our music team in DJ Gav Bean and Toni & the Rhythm Cats who gave up of their time to provide the entertainment.  Thank you!

Look out March is here
All NEW courses starting at the following venues
Emu Plains Monday 9 March
Concord Wednesday 11 March
Camden Monday 16 March
Woodcroft – Thursday 5 March Swing is back at 7.45pm
Gosford – Wednesday 4 March Swing is back at 7.45pm
Ettalong – Monday 2 March RocknRoll/Rockabilly & Swing is back at 7.45pm
Toukley – Tuesday 3 March RocknRoll & Swing is back at 7.45pm
Mayfield course final class Monday 2 March
We also recommend the extra classes run by the Swing Katz at Surry Hills and
For more details please visit our Lessons Page

Did you know?
At the end of your lesson we encourage you to video the class recap.  There is a 15 minute social break at the end of each class where you can video your teachers and practice your class moves.

Who else is Ready to Dance?
Roaring 20s Theme Ball

Ain’t no PARTY like a ROARING 20s !!…’s going to be the bees knees!!
Get those tix quick or regret it!
Available now at this link or pop into class and grab your ticket.

It’s been a long time between drinks since we have had The Lemon Squeezin
Daddies with Pearl Noire at one of our events. Join us for an event not to be missed.

All welcomed bring your friends along, kid friendly event. Great venue Huge Car park, Bistro, Bar and large sunken dance floor. What more could you want?

Saturday 18 April 7pm at the Greyhound Social Club (known as Arena Sports Club)
140 Rookwood Road, Yagoona
Adults $27.50 Children $15.00

Medals Night
The next NSW RocknRoll Association medals will be held at Woodcroft Neighbourhood Centre on Thursday 7 May at 7.30pm. Medallists interested in being part of the Program please email me for the Nomination Form.   Private lessons available for all dancers. Bronze to Gold Levels in all styles RocknRoll, Slow Swing & LindyHop.

NSW RocknRoll Association Inc
Become a member of the NSW RocknRoll Association Inc which has just had it’s first AGM and is now incorporated. Qualified Teachers, Medal Programs for your students.  Teachers and Student Workshops available as well as  Teachers Qualification Program.
Find out what it takes to be qualified, also become an Active Kids Provider, Working With Children and the most important Public Liability Dance Insurance.
Teachers Membership is $30 and Student Dancers may join for $10 and save that on their first medal exam.  For more details please email

ANNOUNCING Christmas in July Coast Shelter Appeal Sat 25 July
“No time for’s time for Fiesta!!”
Our annual Christmas in July theme is Fiesta Party featuring teddy boy band
The Lincolns from Adelaide. Our charity of choice continues with Coast Shelter.
Where? Central Coast Leagues Club
When? Saturday 25 July.
Tickets will be available 10 March.  I am taking bookings now..
Ticket fees Adults $35 and Children $15

Twinkle Toes
Looking for dance shoes?
  We are a stockist for My JuJu Dance Fever RocknRoll Shoes.  We have Mens and Ladies shoes available in brogue, saddle and maryjane style. Black, Black & White, Red & Black with memory foam inserts, leather sole or rubber sole.

Upcoming Events
Easy Street Show n Shine Toukley 7 March
RocknRoll Vintage in Thirroul 8 March
Newcastle Rockabilly Festival Sat 14 March
Kurri Kurri Nostalgic Festival 27-29 March

All Eyes on the NEW Season Special
Who wants $10 OFF  our 8 Lesson Passes this month?
Limited to one per person during the magic month of March.
Ask about our other offers available.  *Bring a friend for free first visit.
Available at Woodcroft & Central Coast locations

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We understand not everyone does social media. For those that do follow Facebook please visit our 2 pages.  Our Group page is for gigs and less formal information and our Business Page advertises our classes and events.  It will keep you up to the minute.
If you like to watch class videos please visit and subscribe to our YouTube Channel link

Touching Base
Please give us a Courtesy Call/text or email if you are unable to attend your private
lesson, workshop, troupe training or regular class.  This will help the teacher reassess their planner and class schedule.

Where there are poor class numbers/double bookings or an emergency situation e.g. weather related/bushfire etc you will be notified of cancellation by text.


Signing off

50 Shades of G’day

Happy 2020!   Happy Australia Day!
What’s Australia Day without a beer and a barbie and good old fashion aussie slang G’day Mate, Fair Dinkum!!  Work on Australia Day….Flamin’ unAustralian!!

It’s not been the start we had hoped for but we need to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.  So we have got together with some likeminded friends and decided to donate all proceeds of our Valentines Day Dance to the Firey’s Fundraiser.

Read below….. All you need to know in 5 minutes!

Valentines Firey’s Fundraiser
Hurry before its too late! Tickets for the Fundaiser have been selling fast.  If you have
tickets in hand you will have express entry on the night.  Please note tickets do not
ensure a table but the club is doing its best to have seating for 180. It’s first in best dressed on the night when the doors open.

We are very grateful to our Volunteers who have donated their time on the night and
especially to Gav Bean and Toni & the Rhythm Cats who have donated their services for the event.  There has been such great support from the dancers providing us with
raffle gifts and prizes. Remember 100% of all donations and money raised on the night including door entry fee is going to the NSW RFS. There are no administration fees.   One of the hardest things I had to learn in life was to ask for help and when I finally did doors opened for me.  Now it’s time to give back. We collectively belong to a community and have a platform where we can bring people together and make good from it.
Thank you for your support.

Roaring 20s Ball
Are you ready to KICK UP YOUR HEELS for the first Event of the Year?
Ain’t no PARTY like a ROARING 20s !!…’s going to be the bees knees!!
Get those tix quick or regret it!
Available from 27January at this link or at any of our venues.

Very excited to announce Lemon Squeezin Daddies with Pearl Noire 
All welcomed, bring your friends along, we are kid friendly.
Huge Car park, Bistro, Bar and large sunken dance floor
Saturday 18 April 7pm at the Greyhound Social Club (now known as Arena Sports Club)
140 Rookwood Road, Yagoona

Friendly Reminder
No Powder on the dance floor.

Active Kids Vouchers
Did you know we teach children? Did you know your child may receive $100 worth of FREE lessons with the ACTIVE KIDS voucher from Service NSW.
We are taking enrolments for children from the ages of 7 years and over.
There are no costume fees or registration fees. Children not only benefit by learning to dance but they will gain self-confidence, balance, rhythm, musicality, self-expression and so much more.

Classes to give you that Edge….
We have troupe sessions!  If you’re interested in taking your dancing to the next level, get that extra edge and ramp it up why not come along and see what its about.  Be
inspired!  A typical troupe session will have fitness training and stretching as part of the warm up in addition to liftwork, tricksndips, styling and dance steps/choreography. Don’t be afraid to ask!

Get better bang for your bucks
Every dollar counts and to celebrate the start of 2020 we are offering a Special
“2 Classes for $20” in one night.  Learn 2 dance styles in the one night for the discounted price of $20 at selected venues.  Ask us at your next class.

Want more? Ask us about our Lesson Passes and save on bundling your lessons

Have you heard about this?
We are expanding this year!  Bondi and Beecroft.
Do you have friends in these areas?  Would you be interested in more social nights?    Keep your eyes peeled here over the next couple of months to see what’s happening.

Who else is ready to dance?
Camden RSL & Emu Plains are on as normal.

Gosford & Woodcroft Schedule  
6.45pm A mix of Rock and Roll & Rockabilly
7.45pm A combination of Swing & Balboa
Peoples choice – Waltz, slow rhythm, cha cha cha to come
Toukley, Ettalong & Mayfield Schedule
6.45pm Rockabilly  7.45pm A combination of Swing & Balboa
Concord/Emu Plains/Camden/Surry HillsSchedule Link here
RocknRoll & Swing/Lindy Hop
Katoomba Schedule Link here
RocknRoll & Solo Jazz

Did you know?
At the end of your lesson we encourage you to video the class recap.  There is a 15 minute social break at the end of each class where you can video your teachers and practice your class moves.

I thought you might like this
Taking the lead from last year’s feedback there will be different dance styles introduced every couple of months at some of our locations.  A Taste of Balboa, Waltz, Slow Rhythm and Cha Cha are our first picks.

2020 is your year – What do you want to see more of?
Socials, Workshops, Big Events, Student Performance Routines, Theme nights
Don’t forget to check Gig Guide here every Wednesday

Follow us on Facebook link
We understand not everyone does social media. For those that do follow Facebook please visit our 2 pages.  Our Group page is for gigs and less formal information and our Business Page advertises our classes and events.  It will keep you up to the minute.
If you like to watch class videos please visit and subscribe to our YouTube Channel link

Charleston Challenge 2020
Its that time of the year again for the Charleston Challenge.  This year’s gold coin donation will be going to the NSWRFS.  Come along don your finest threads and join the Charleston Challenge.  The routine will be taught in our Swing Class.  It’s short’n’easy to learn.  Hydro Majestic Medlow Bath on Saturday 8th Feb 11am

Touching Base

Please give us a Courtesy Call/text or email if you are unable to attend your private lesson, workshop, troupe training or regular class.  This will help the teacher reassess their planner and class schedule.

Where there are poor class numbers/double bookings or an emergency situation e.g. weather related/bushfire etc you will be notified of cancellation by text.


Oi Oi Oi   from Anna & Justin

Valentine’s Firey’s Fundraiser

CONGRATULATIONS!! on achieving this awesome result of $6636.05.
The event was a huge success and thank you to
Toni & the Rhythm Cats, Gav Bean
The Volunteer team,
Everyone who donated gifts for the raffles and silent auctions
And to all who donated cash.
You should all be proud!!!

I think we have all been going through a rollercoaster of emotions with the bushfire devastation and it’s ok to be sad, it’s even ok to be angry and feel helpless. BUT I think we need to lead in a more positive way now more than ever.

It’s time for calmness and normality, time to rebuild communities and help them grow again. They need our help. Let’s be the change. Let’s lead by example and focus on the good and the positive outcomes. Let’s help pick up the pieces. Too many brave people to be grateful for to let our anger get the better of us. Too many lives, homes and animals have been lost & now need our assistance. How about we become more productive? What can we do to help?? What can you do to assist the countless people and services that need your help?

3 weeks ago I asked if our dance community wanted to help with a fundraiser for the firey’s and there was such a positive reaction and lots of dancers put their hands up to help.  We even had Club Toukley donate their auditorium, Gav Bean his DJ Services and Toni Michelle & the Rhythm Cats offered to play for us.  The bushfires over the Christmas/New Years Season unfortunately worsened.  We are now more than ever committed to help this cause.  We will be working with the Charmhaven Central District Rural Fire Service and we hope you come along and support the Fundraiser.

The gift of GIVING is alive and well.
We have had numerous messages asking what can be donated for prizes.
We have a number of hampers donated, Alcohol, Arnotts Box, Bunnings Voucher & Cotton On Gift Vouchers.

Below is a list of what we don’t have yet
Restaurant/Cafe Dinner vouchers, generic gift cards, accommodation voucher, electrical appliances, sports memorabilia, beauty or hair salon/barber vouchers just to name a few.
I hope this helps with everyone’s questions.
Many hands make light work thank you.
PLEASE email your list of donations to

We now have 14 Volunteers who have put their hand up Thank you so much.

Door entry will be $25 will all proceeds going to Rural Fire Service Central Coast District
Entry Tickets may be purchased at classes or on the night.
Tickets on sale from 16 January ring 0414 938623 for details

We are accepting gift donations to raffle, auction etc
Please email for more information regarding gift donations 

Please note tickets are non refundable
First in best dressed there will be no tables reserved
Tickets will be emailed for record purposes
The club has a bistro and coffee bar